Meet Our Certified Instructor Team

Welcome to Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Leander!

Welcome to Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Leander! We’re a part of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International, one of the largest martial arts organizations in the United States. Since 1983, we’ve taught self-defense and life skills through the martial arts to thousands of students. This academy has been a proud part of the Leander community for over 15 years and has many in the area around Austin learn martial arts and taekwondo self defense.

Our academies are different

The academy experience is on a completely different level at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Leander. Our program, based in taekwondo, combines the latest advances in physical fitness with ancient self defense traditions. Altogether, our lessons feature a work out that is intense, artistic, and empowering.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts fits your busy schedule and on-the-go lifestyle. We structure the martial art lesson times at our Leander academy to make sure everyone has an opportunity to take one of our classes!

Our Instructors

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts students receive the highest quality of instruction. In fact, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International requires instructors to be certified, as well as earn continuing education credits. Therefore, our martial arts instructors are always up up-to-date with the latest policies and teaching methods for taekwondo and martial arts. Thus, we are able to continue to ensure safety and enhance students’ learning.

Furthermore, as a commitment to safety, instructors at our academy maintain a current CPR and First Aid certification. Finally, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also recommends that academy owners conduct background checks on all instructors and employees 18 years of age and older. Rest assured, our Austin taekwondo and self-defense academy is staffed with individuals that are committed to the highest tier of professionalism.

Students enjoy membership benefits such as:

  • Unique classes based on age group: Tiger Cubs (pre-school age 4 yrs), Juniors (6 yr olds – 12 yr olds), and Teens & Adults.
  • You can start any time and blend in with other beginners.
  • Instructors renew their certification annually.
  • Students can train at their own pace.
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Competitive opportunities

Take the first step on your journey to becoming a Black Belt.

Schedule a visit for you and your family to Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Leander, right off of Highway 183.