Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Leander Summer Camps

Kids have a fun and exciting time with our summer camps at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts here in Leander! Sign your child up today and check out the great events we're going to have!

Extreme Performance

May 31-June 4 · 7am-6pm

This camp is an introduction to weapon training and beginning tumbling! We will learning the basics of bo-staf, kamas, and swords! Fun martial arts training all week long!



June 7-11 · 7am-6pm

This camp focuses on making Tiger-Rock Students stronger and more powerful. We will do lots of strength training and board breaking. Plan on getting fit and having a blast!


XP Tricks & Tumbling

June 14-18 · 7am-6pm

Learn some tricks and tumbling skills like the autobahn, back side 900, and tornado. Learn or perfect basics like handstands, cartwheels, and round offs!


Ninja Camp

June 28-July 2 · 7am-6pm

Increase your ninja skills with our week long martial arts training. Run our ninja course and attempt to master 5 fun levels of ninja-themed challenges!


Nerf® Week

July 5-9 · 7am-6pm

All NERF®, all week! Join us for a week of fun NERF® games. Bring your own NERF® toys or use ours.


Bully Defense

July 12-16 · 7am-6pm

Learn how to avoid conflict and what do when conflict arises. Work on building self


Speed Camp

July 26-30 · 7am-6pm

This camp is aimed at helping our students improve their speed & reaction time. Join us for races and team challenges! Challenge yourself to be your best every day!


Nunchuck Camp

August 2-6 · 7am-6pm

This camp focuses on helping Tiger-Rock students become better technicians and competitors. Build your skills by learning valuable lessons with nunchucks!


Strength & Conditioning

August 9, 10, and 11 · 7am-6pm

This camp will focus on improve students’ endurance, strength, and core power! Come work out and have fun with us training and getting into peak shape!


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